This is where I’m supposed to cite all of the cliche things about myself: integrity, experience, 5-star service, a strong commitment excellence et cetera. That’s all cozy and heart-warming, but it’s not any different than what you’d read about someone else.

I’ve spent 15+ years in real estate as an agent (buy/sell side of transactions), as an educator, an investor and now in finance; which has brought me to some serious realizations about the industry. Real estate is a service based business, but too many in our industry use “service” as the reason to gouge the customer on price. Here’s what I know I can do for you: #1 offer a leading price in the market, #2 not give up the quality of service you deserve. There are 2 things that make that possible – Canopy’s corporate margins are the lowest in the industry and secondly, I take an aggressively low compensation plan to ensure I give my clients the best value. If someone beats me on price, it’s a steal of a deal and you should take it!

I’ll finish with the fuzzy feelings stuff. My wife Emily and I are approaching 10 years of marriage and have 2 gifts from God to show for it: Ella (4) and William (1). They’re the reason I’ll give you an incredible experience, because my business and their livelihood depends on it. I look forward to serving you!

DoubleCheckMyRate.com is powered by Canopy Mortgage, LLC and is operated by Devan Egan, Loan Officer, NMLS#1954363. Canopy Mortgage is the sister company to Box Home Loans, LLC which was founded in 2006 by Jeff Reeves & Aaron Brown in a pursuit of changing the mortgage industry. Canopy has maintained the same core principles as Box Home Loans, but has kept the loan officer at the forefront of all origination. At Canopy or Box you’ll find transparent pricing, borrower-friendly tech and better interest rates. We are modern lending, a hybrid of consumer-direct tech, retail service and wholesale pricing. It’s better under Canopy: better tech, better rates, better pricing.

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