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5 Most Common Questions

Here are some short videos based on the questions most borrowers ask:
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Privacy is important.

Privacy puts you in control. If you give up your personal information, you might feel beholden to the loan officer that quoted you a price and you’ll likely be subjected to some unnecessary and unwanted texts, phone calls & emails. Being able to shop with anonymity allows you the convenience to contact us when the numbers are right. Total privacy, zero pressure.

Other lenders hide their rates. Here’s why:

If you hide something, it’s rarely in the best interest of the person you’re hiding it from. It’s no different with mortgage pricing. Hidden rates and fees put the borrower at a significant disadvantage and you’re left wondering whether or not the wizard of oz gave you the best price. Bottom line is, other lenders hide their rates because they have pricing that’s worth hiding. Always get a 2nd opinion and if you somehow found better pricing than you see here, you should consider taking it.

How do I shop & compare rates?

First rule here is you must compare quotes from the same day. Interest rates and the pricing of rates changes daily, so if you receive a quote on Monday and you price match it with another quote on Wednesday, they’re both fruit but ones an apple and the other is…you get the idea. Second rule to shopping around is to look at “total loan costs”. If you’re not seeing all the numbers, you can sometimes be deceived by a quote that leaves out vital information. You’re looking for a quote that includes “total cash to/from borrower” at closing.

Not all rates are created equal

Just because you’re looking at a low interest rate does not mean you’re getting a good deal. Fees, costs and margins are different everywhere you go. Every business has its own operating costs and that’s what drives the margin that is baked into the price of the loan. You will likely qualify for the same/similar interest rates no matter where you go, but it’s not uncommon for 3.125% to cost a borrower a lot of money at Lender X and then for the same 3.125% to cost a borrower zero dollars at Lender Y. Make sure you shop around and compare pricing.

Are you already working with another lender? They have their fingers crossed you won’t check their fees.

Here’s the truth, had you not shopped around, the other lender would have gladly sold you a loan at an elevated price. Things that make you go hmm…why didn’t she/he offer you the best price to begin with? Now you’re forced to treat the transaction like a used-car negotiation and hope the manager approves the deal you should have been given from the start. Typically, a competing offer is met with scrutiny and is accompanied by the claim that his/her service is better than the other lender. For some reason that premier service isn’t available up front when they’re quoting you pricing – you be the judge. Our commitment to service includes your price-quoting experience and continues all the way to funding your loan.

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